4.3 Directors of PZU Group

Along with the Members of the Management Board, key managing personnel in PZU Group includes Group Directors, who are also members of the Management Board in PZU Życie.

Directors at PZU Group from 1 January 2015:

  • Tobiasz Bury
  • Rafał Grodzicki;
  • Przemysław Henschke;
  • Sławomir Niemierka.

As a result of the appointment of Rafał Grodzicki as a Member of the Management Board, on 21 July 2015 a resolution was passed to dismiss Rafał Grodzicki from the position of a Director of PZU Group, effective from 30 June 2015.

On 29 January 2016, Tobiasz Bury and Przemysław Henschke were dismissed from the positions of Directors of the Group and Tomasz Karusewicz was appointed as one. On 15 February 2016, Roman Pałac was also appointed as a Director of the Group.

Directors of PZU Group from 15 February 2016 to the date of signing of the consolidated financial statements:

  • Tomasz Karusewicz;
  • Roman Pałac;
  • Sławomir Niemierka.