We care for the environment

Managing the environmental impact is one of the key areas of corporate social responsibility undertaken by the Group. These initiatives have a dual nature: responsible internal resource management and building environmental sensitivity and awareness among stakeholders: employees, clients, business partners, suppliers and representatives of local communities.

PZU cares for the environment through initiatives such as:

In the event of a collision resulting in a vehicle being repaired PZU offers its clients the choice of a replacement car, or a bicycle that becomes their property.

  • „rower zastępczy” [replacement bicycle] – in scope of this initiative, PZU offers to its clients a choice between a replacement vehicle and a bicycle, which they can keep in case of traffic collisions requiring repairs to their vehicle. The objective of this innovative offer is to promote a healthy lifestyle, but it also reflects the company’s care for the environment;
  • introducing hybrid cars to the fleet. The drive complies with the highest EURO 5 standard of combustion, binding in the European Union, and cars, with proper driving techniques, use only about 4 l/100 km in urban areas;
  • economic management of resources and raw materials. Extensive use of electronic data carriers and limiting the use of paper in business is an important aspect of this activity. In recent years, equipment such as new printers, which automatically print on two sides, and application of irrelevant office materials for office printing allowed us to reduce paper consumption by about 3% or 3,3 million sheets annually. In order to reduce power consumption, we install energy-saving lighting and heating systems. We also focus on responsible waste management and strive to achieve full recycling;
  • choice of the new back office headquarters with attention to ecological aspects. The Konstruktorska Business Center Building, which houses the PZU back office, is powered entirely by renewable source energy and offers over 30 locations for charging electric cars. The building was designed with special attention devoted to environment protection – it has the BREEAM certificate. Categories assessed in the certificate include: air quality, energy and water consumption, low waste levels, use of eco-friendly materials and provision of good working conditions;
  • employee education. Key initiatives include: campaigns raising awareness about use of consumables, recycling, e.g. involving employees in collection of mobile phones and in environmental campaigns.

 We care of the environment