53.4 Dispute with CSC Computer Sciences Polska Sp. z o.o.

On 9 April 2010, the Arbitration Court served on PZU Życie a statement of claim for payment. The case against PZU Życie was brought by CSC Computer Sciences Polska sp. z o. o. ("CSC") which demanded payment of EUR 8,437 thousand with respect to implementation of the GraphTalk system at PZU Życie. Following subsequent amendments, CSC claimed the total of PLN 35,663 thousand with interest due from the claim date (i.e. from 31 March 2010) until the date of payment. The amount sought by CSC included, among others, the claims related to license fees, implementation works, support and maintenance services, contractual penalties and capitalized interests.

On 31 May 2010, PZU Życie requested that the Arbitration Court dismiss some claims as time inappropriate and dismiss the lawsuit in its entirety. PZU Życie also filed a counter suit against CSC, demanding payment of PLN 71,890 thousand as a return of the remuneration collected by CSC or as damages for undue performance of obligations. On 31 August 2010, CSC motioned for dismissal of the entire claim of PZU Życie indicating absence of evidence to consider it.

After the proceedings before the Arbitration Court at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw, on 18 December 2012, the court issued a judgment (“Judgement of the Arbitration Court 108/10”) adjudicating the payment of PLN 17,193 thousand for CSC by PZU Życie and discontinued the proceedings concerning the main complaint regarding the payment of EUR 8,437 thousand with statutory interest for the period from the claim date. Furthermore, the Arbitration Court dismissed the remainder of the principal action and dismissed the PZU Życie mutual claim.

As a result of the final termination of the proceedings concerning the statement of enforceability of the Judgment 108/10, on 9 July 2015, PZU Życie paid PLN 17,392 thousand to CSC. On 20 August 2015, PZU Życie filed a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court against the Judgement of the Arbitration Court 108/10 in its entirety. No significant events had taken place by the date of signing the consolidated financial statements.