Social Responsibility

PZU does its utmost for its initiatives to produce positive social effects in every area in which it is possible to have a more extensive impact than a purely business one on the Group’s external environment.

As one of the largest financial institutions in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, PZU Group’s activity and development strategy recognize social and environmental issues, as well as ethics. PZU Group does its best to ensure that the initiatives it engages in bring positive results also in the social aspects in all the areas where the company may have an influence on the external environment in a manner that is not strictly related to business. As a mature, responsible company, the Group takes all efforts not only to provide its clients with the best offer, but also build a better, safer future together with all its stakeholders.

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are the best way to create the best possible offer for the PZU Group’s clients and to respond to the expectations of stakeholders.

Sustainable development and social responsibility in business are at the same time the most straightforward way to build the best offer for the clients of PZU Group, as well as the most accurate answer to the needs of its stakeholders.

In its day-to-day operations, the Group follows four rules:

We address the needs – PZU provides products and services to its clients in a way best suited to their expectations,

We value our people – the Group is continuously providing opportunities for its staff to develop their skills and competences, creating good conditions to develop their personal interests,

We support the society – PZU makes efforts to establish stable, long-term relations with the local communities by supporting initiatives that have a positive impact on the community,

We care for the environment – PZU takes responsibility for the environment in which it operates.