Additional information and notes

Section contains:

1. Introduction

2. Structure of PZU Group

3. The shareholding structure

4. Composition of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and Directors in the Group

5. Summary of significant accounting policies

6. Key estimates and judgments

7. Segment reporting

8. Risk management

9. Capital management

10. Fair value

11. Gross written premiums

12. Revenue from commissions and fees

13. Net investment income

14. Net result on realization and impairment losses on investments

15. Net change in the fair value of assets and liabilities measured at fair value

16. Other operating income

17. Insurance claims and change in technical provisions

18. Interest expense

19. Acquisition expenses

20. Administrative expenses

21. Employee expenses

22. Other operating expenses

23. Income tax

24. Earnings per share

25. Income tax presented in other comprehensive income

26. Goodwill

27. Intangible assets

28. Other assets

29. Deferred acquisition costs

30. Estimated subrogations and salvages

31. Reinsurers’ share in technical provisions

32. Tangible assets

33. Investment property

34. Entities measured using the equity method

35. Financial assets

36. Impairment of financial assets and receivables

37. Change in deferred tax assets

38. Receivables, including insurance receivables

39. Current income tax receivables

40. Cash and cash equivalents

41. Assets held for sale

42. Issued share capital and other equity attributable to the owners of the parent entity

43. Technical provisions

44. Provisions for employee benefits

45. Other provisions

46. Deferred tax liabilities

47. Financial liabilities

48. Other liabilities

49. Current income tax liabilities

50. Notes to other inflows and outflows from operating activities

51. Assets recognized as collateral of receivables, liabilities and contingent liabilities

52. Contingent assets and liabilities

53. Litigation claims

54. Related party transactions

55. Employment

56. Other information