We support the society

Supported by the PZU Foundation and using the prevention fund, PZU promotes a healthy life style, educates people on safety, supports the development of medicine and pursues philanthropic activities. PZU lends financial support and assistance to local organizations and communities by providing them with its employees’ knowledge and experience.

Strong involvement in the social life is an inseparable long- term value of the social responsibility of business. The Group builds long-term relations with their partners to make sure that the initiatives it supports are continuously improved. 


In scope of prevention, PZU undertakes numerous initiatives aimed to minimize the probability of events − or their potential consequences – entailing the need to handle various types of claims. PZU Group has been supporting the Voluntary and Professional Fire Department and State Police Department for years by providing funding for firefighting and flood prevention equipment as well as professional training courses.

The Group also uses the prevention fund to support the activity of rescue organizations – GOPW and WOPR – by contributing to equipment purchases, raising rescuers’ qualifications, and educational campaigns under the slogans „Bezpieczeństwo stawiamy najwyżej” [Safety first] and „Wpływamy na bezpieczeństwo” [We help stay safe].

Pro-health activity

Pro-health prevention is aimed to minimize the negative effects of events by spreading knowledge about safety and health promotion through mass running events supported by PZU and with other campaigns.

In 2015, both PZU and PZU Życie cooperated with hospitals, non-government organizations and media who carried out health-related projects and contributed to purchases of medical equipment. The following preventive programs were aimed at improving health and prevention:

  • PZU Trasy Zdrowia [Health Routes] program
    This is a program for the local governments in municipalities with up to 50 thousand inhabitants. It is aimed to create Routes in Poland for meetings, recreation, sports, or pro-health education, and consequentially integration of the local community. In 2015, the PZU Foundation funded 31 more routes. Today, there are 61 PZU Health Routes in Poland. Each one is equipped with exercise facilities and information boards, which include exercise plans tailored to the needs of users of different age groups and various levels of advancement.
  • Support for mass running events
    PZU also supported numerous mass running events in 2015. The most important projects included ultramarathons (Karkonosze, Bieg 7 Dolin [7 valley run]), marathons (Warsaw, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Lublin), half-marathons (Warsaw, Królewski [Royal]), and 15, 10, and 5 km runs (Bieg po Zdrowie [Run for Health], Bieg Nowych Idei [New Idea Run], Kamienna Piątka [Rock Five]). The supported initiatives also included special running events, among others those promoting transplants (Bieg po Nowe Życie [Run for a New Life]), tolerance (Tolerancja na sportowo [Sports Tolerance], Bieg Na Tak – Run of Spirit), patriotism (Bieg Żołnierzy Wyklętych [Run of Cursed Soldiers]), or fun (The Color Run). 138 thousand people took part in last year’s running events supported by PZU. In total, they ran 1,780,775 kilometers – twice as much as in 2014.
  • Stop wariatom drogowym [Stop Reckless Drivers] Campaign
    In 2015, the PZU Foundation realized the second part of the campaign „Kochasz? Powiedz STOP Wariatom Drogowym” [If You Love, Say No to Road Rage]. Its main objective is to improve road safety by promoting responsible attitudes among drivers. The campaign’s symbol is a blue heart, which, gifted by a dear person, is placed in a visible spot in the car to remind drivers to drive safely. The hearts, which are the symbols of the campaign, were distributed in all offices and branches of PZU and during special events. The second stage of the campaign carried out in 2015 was focused on the initiative for active pedestrian crossings and attracting attention to the fact that responsibility on the road falls to both the driver and the pedestrian. The message is expressed in the following slogan: „If you love, watch out for the pedestrians. They can be your loved ones.” In 2015, PZU built active pedestrian crossings in 20 Polish municipalities. Each crossing is equipped with a special light system, which turns on when the pedestrian approaches the crossing, anti-slip mats reducing breaking distance, and a system of „cat-eye-lights” which are always on.
  • Business Forum in Krynica
    PZU Group provides organizational and financial support to the Business Forum in Krynica. This so-called Polish Davos gathers prime ministers, ministers, European commissioners, and the most important individuals on the political and business scene each year. As a partner of the event, PZU actively contributes to strengthening the political and business contacts in Europe to serve the development of regional and international political, business, cultural, and science relations.


Share your kilometers

The PZU Foundation

Since 2004, the PZU Foundation has carried out charity activities of PZU Group which are among the most important elements of its community involvement strategy. The aim of the PZU Foundation is to promote education of children and teenagers, fostering talents and creating equal opportunities for people who are, for various reasons, disadvantaged, as well as to increase access to cultural assets and social life, that is, a broadly understood development of civil society.

According to its mission under the slogan „Pomagamy Pomagać” [We Help to Help], the PZU Foundation contributes financially to projects carried out by non-governmental organizations and institutions throughout Poland, the statutory objectives of which fall under the scope of the Foundation’s support. Its operations are focused on the following areas: education, social care and assistance, culture and arts, and health care.

In 2015, the PZU Foundation spent almost PLN 40 million for its statutory operations.


The PZU Foundation is financing education initiatives in rural areas and small towns which are run by credible local partners. The top initiatives are chosen by means such as the successive editions of the „Z PZU po lekcjach” [With PZU After Classes] contest, which have been choosing the best projects for the past 10 years. 368 projects were submitted to the contest in 2015 and 22 organizations with initiatives deemed most interesting received financial support.


[The Power of helping]

In scope of educational activity, the „Niestraszki w pakiecie” [Fear-Nots in a Pack] campaign was launched in the second half of 2015. The campaign features 5 Fear-Nots – funny, yet smart characters with an educational mission, i.e. to teach children the rules of safety.

The Foundation is also a partner of Krajowy Fundusz na rzecz Dzieci [National Fund for Children] – an organization providing support to gifted children by offering them educational aides and scholarships.

Social care and assistance

The social care and assistance activity of the Foundation is aimed mainly to prevent social marginalization and provide equal opportunities to the disabled. The projects realized in this scope in 2015 include the following:

  • Świetlica – moje miejsce [The Community Center is My Place] – the objective of this program is to provide a place for youth, where they could spend their free time after school – take part in educational exercises, especially in scope of sciences, develop their interests, and do their homework under the supervision of someone who will help them out.
  • „Młodzi niepełnosprawni − pełnosprawni z PZU” [Young Disabled People Able with PZU] – the objective of this program is to raise the self-reliance, ability, and social activity of the disabled and provide support to their families by organizing care for the disabled in rural areas and small towns up to 30 thousand inhabitants.

Culture and art

In 2015, PZU acted as a sponsor and patron of various national and local cultural events and focused on initiatives associated with Polish national and cultural heritage. The Group supports the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Royal Museum, and the National Museum in Kraków. For many years, PZU has been contributing to the purchases of museum exhibits and providing promotional and conceptual support. As a Patron of Polish Culture, the Group also actively participated in the organization of Noc Muzeów [Night of the Museums], preparing special PZU zones promoting art and culture in unconventional ways. In 2015, the Group’s support was spread over the 19th-Century Arts Gallery at the National Museum in Warsaw. As the patron of the Museum, PZU wants to improve the security of both its priceless collections and visitors. PZU Group was also the patron of the celebrations commemorating the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising and, since 2015, also serves as the patron of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, thus contributing to preserving the memory of this special event in history of Poland.

Health care

The health care initiatives undertaken by the PZU Foundation are focused mainly on financial contribution to purchases of specialized medical equipment (such as insulin pumps and respirators for newborns) and rehabilitation equipment, and to the treatment costs of people in difficult financial situation. For years, the Foundation has been working together with organizations such as Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom Chirurgicznie Chorym [Association for Assistance to Surgically Ill Children]. PZU is also the strategic sponsor of the „Misie Ratują Dzieci” [Bears Save Children] association, which offers comprehensive rehabilitation and psychological care for children at the Therapy Center in Dźwirzyn near Kołobrzeg. Dom Misia Ratownika [House of the Rescue Bear] guarantees free-of-charge professional therapy and provides all conveniences necessary for proper therapeutic progress during the therapy periods.

CSR awards and prizes

In 2015 the social campaign “Do you love someone? Stop Reckless Drivers” received 5 prizes.

  • In 2015, the „Kochasz? Powiedz STOP Wariatom Drogowym” [If You Love, Say No to Reckless Drivers] social campaign received 5 awards (3 from Klub Twórców Reklamy [Club of Advertisement Creators], the Platinium Magellan Award, and second place in the „Best 25” list organized by the League of American Communications Professionals).
  • PZU took sixth place in the 2015 Employer of the Year ranking of AIESEC – the biggest students’ association in Poland – in the category of most desired employers.
  • In 2015, PZU Group’s insurers operating in Lithuania and Latvia − BALTA and Lietuvos Draudimas – received the title of „Best Employers” in Baltic states.
  • Link4 won the 2015 Responsible Employer – HR Leader Contest, a national human resources (HR) program. The program aims to raise awareness of and promote positive models and operating strategies in scope of HR policy and the strategy of integrating HR and business affairs.
  • PZU took first place in the 2015 Institution of the Year ranking of MojeBankowanie.pl in categories of „Best Onsite Service Quality” and „Best Service Quality in Remote Communication Channels”.