In 2015 the PZU Group ran extensive advertising campaigns promoting TPL motor insurance coupled with the Direct Claims Handling service, the social campaign entitled — “Do you love someone? Say STOP reckless drivers” and “Motor TPL Lotteries” and “Fearless”.

In 2015, PZU Group made wide-ranging advertising campaigns, including:

  • Campaign to promote motor TPL insurance with Direct Claims Handling (BLS) service. The aim of the campaign was to present benefits from holding motor insurance with BLS at PZU. The campaign featuring Marcin Dorociński included TV spots and online activities at;
  • „Kochasz? Powiedz STOP Wariatom Drogowym” (If you love, say STOP to Reckless Drivers) social campaign.;
  • Loteria OC (TPL Lottery) campaign. A campaign addressed to clients who have TPL insurance in PZU. The lottery included the following sponsored awards: 12 passenger cars and 360 bicycles. Additionally, as a part of a special offer, holders of TPL insurance at PZU could pay less for filling their tanks at LOTOS and LOTOS Optima petrol stations thanks to special discount cards;
  • Niestraszki (Fear-nots) campaign. The first edition of a new PZU campaign, „Niestraszki w pakiecie” (Fear-nots in a pack), was initiated in December. The campaign features 5 Fear-nots – funny, yet smart characters with an educational mission, i.e. to teach children the rules of security.

In 2015, PZU Group made also advertising campaigns with a narrower range, including:

  • Pomoc od serca (Help from the heart) campaign – the aim of the campaign was to show that holding a „PZU pomoc od serca” insurance guarantees security in the case of tumor, heart illnesses, and other serious conditions. The campaign was conducted on TV and online;
  • EMPLOYER BRANDING campaign – the aim of the campaign was to promote the employer’s brand. It featured two editions in 2015: the spring edition targeted to students and graduates at the largest universities in Poland, and the fall edition was addressed to professionals.

In 2015, PZU continued to introduce unified visual standards for exclusive agents’ offices, both when it comes to signage and fit-out of the premises. A process of external branding of multiagents was commenced. Nearly 250 multiagency offices were branded in 2015.

Ongoing and long-term actions to support sales of life and non-life insurance were conducted, dedicated to PZU and PZU Życie agents. Activities covered BTL support were addressed to branches and agents’ offices. A mobile stand was organized and PZU representatives were present at 12 outdoor events in Poland. PZU equipped its agents in branding materials, which guaranteed that the company was present at local events realized by field agents.

PZU Group implemented also ATL actions, i.e. 4 campaigns consisting in covering shop windows in departments and agents’ offices. Nearly 190 shop windows were covered in Poland.

PZU’s marketing campaigns in 2015 received many prizes, among others, the Platinum Magellan Award for the social campaign entitled “Do you love someone? Say STOP reckless drivers” and the 2015 Innovation Award 2015 for the project entitled „Favorite Toy”.

In 2015, PZU marketing campaigns received a number of awards, i.a.:

  • KTR (Klub Twórców Reklamy [Commercial Creators Club]), Platinium Magellan Award – „Kochasz? Powiedz STOP Wariatom Drogowym” (If you love, say STOP to Reckless Drivers) social campaign;
  • KTR, Silver award – „Telewizor” (TV Set), a PZU housing campaign of 2014;
  • KTR, double Bronze award – „Ulubiona zabawka” (Favorite toy) project – (categories: Loyalty Program&Direct);
  • Innovation Award 2015 – distinction for „Ulubiona zabawka” (Favorite toy) project (category: Insight).