7.1 Reporting segments

7.1.1 Key division criterion

Operating segments are components of the entity for which separate financial information is available and that are regularly reviewed by CODM, in practice, it is carried out by the Management Board of PZU, in order to allocate resources to the segment and assess its performance.

The key segmentation pattern of PZU Group is based on the criterion of consolidated entities with the exception of the insurance companies in PZU Group (PZU, PZU Życie, and Link4) with the registered office in Poland, where additional segments based on the criteria such as customer groups, product lines and types of activities can be distinguished.

PZU and Link4 segments:

  • Corporate insurance (non-life insurance);
  • Retail customer insurance (non-life insurance);
  • Investment activities – comprising investments using own funds.

PZU Życie segments:

  • Group insurance and individually continued insurance (life insurance);
  • Individual life insurance (life insurance);
  • Investment activities – including investments using own funds;
  • Investment contracts – described further in this chapter.

Due to the differences and operation in different regulatory environments, the internal financial reporting system used in PZU Group, in accordance with the segmentation pattern of PZU Group based on the criterion of consolidated entities and the usefulness for the users of financial statements, the additional following segments have been distinguished:

  • Pension insurance
  • Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia (non-life and life insurance);
  • Ukraine (non-life and life insurance).

Operating segments may be aggregated into a single reporting segment if the qualitative and quantitative criteria described in IFRS 8.12–19 are met. In the consolidated financial statements separate operating segments have not been aggregated into reportable segments with the exception of the "Investments" segment, which comprises investment activities using the PZU Group entities’ own funds, and the "Baltic states" segment in which the countries have been classified together due to the similar products and services offered and a similar regulatory environment.

7.1.2 Geographical areas

PZU Group applies additional geographical segmentation as follows:

  • Poland;
  • Baltic states;
  • Ukraine.