PZU values, goals, and aspirations

In its operations the PZU Group is guided by values such as Transparency, Innovativeness and Efficiency, with its key aspiration being to stand apart from its current and prospective competitors by constantly strengthening its market position.

PZU Value, goals, and aspirations

PZU Group aspires

to distinguish itself among current and potential competition by continuing to strengthen its market position by focusing the Group’s activity on client satisfaction and loyalty.

PZU Group’s values

The three key values of PZU Group are: Transparency, Innovation, and Efficiency. These values are the foundation for relations with clients, employees, and all other PZU stakeholders.

Transparency – No fine print

The Group offers products with no fine print – solutions with no hidden charges, unclear limitations or liability exclusion. The products offered by PZU are presented in a clear and coherent way. This reduces miscommunication and guarantees that the client knows what to expect from the Group and responsibilities that it assumed. The conception of transparency and simplicity is not limited to traditional life and non-life insurance, but also covers the so-called investment policies, i.e. insurance serving as a regular savings plan. PZU Group positively distinguishes itself among the entities on the market who often abuse clients’ trust or simply mislead them.


In the face of the continuously changing environment, growing customer demands, and operations of the competition, PZU Group strives to keep improving both its offer and internal processes. The PZU Group’s Innovation Strategy was introduced in 2015 to ensure understanding of the long-term goals throughout the entire organization.

Our Strategy of Innovation focuses on promoting cultural patterns that facilitate innovation, including openness to change, thinking outside the box, and creating a space for experiments, with a strong accent on a “try and test” method that allows for new operating methods, and – as a result – new proposals for our clients. This strategy is carried out through appropriate selection of employees, who realize the long-term business objectives and try to break through existing behavioral patterns and old processes. Simultaneously, an innovation evaluation process was started, which includes implementation of individual measures such as number of innovations in total submitted ideas or number of completed innovations among total innovations, value of savings and additional revenue obtained through implementation of an innovation.

The PZU Group’s innovative products are setting new market standards. Since 2015, it is possible to communicate in sign language in PZU’s branches.

 The Group’s innovative products establish new market standards. In 2015, PZU launched sign language services at its branches. In 2014, PZU was the first entity on the market to introduce direct claims handling. PZU’s services include the option of taking advantage of the innovative fleet of 300 replacement cars. In its promotion of ecological claims handling solutions, PZU offers bicycles to own instead of replacement cars. The Link4 offer was expanded by solutions calculating the insurance premium based on actual driver behavior in traffic to promote safe and ecological driving.
PZU Lab was established for corporate clients in order to improve their risk management and consequently reduce the likeliness of events covered by the policy and lower its price. The Group’s role as a “market watchdog” sees its innovative projects establish top quality standards of relations with the clients.


Operating efficiency is a necessary condition to build a competitive market offer and fulfill the Group’s obligations towards shareholders, employees, suppliers, and other business partners. One of the key projects aimed to increase operating activity is the Everest platform – a system implemented from 2014 in non-life insurance. The high operating effectiveness combined with the scale of the Group’s activity provides PZU with the potential to reach cost effectiveness at a level unreachable to other players on the market. By combining above-average cost effectiveness with an innovative offer, PZU acts as the so-called market watchdog - a leader in the field ensuring high standards of the market offer.